Tile & Stone

Benefits of Tile & Stone

Tile & Stone decor can make a bathroom, kitchen or entrance way into a classic, stylish, luxurious and sophisticated space.

Durability and Value

Tile & Stone by their very nature are one of the longest lasting and most durable and easiest flooring to clean. They also add value to your home with buyers willing to pay a premium for unique, durable and luxurious features like Tile & Stone.


Ceramic and Porcelain are manufactured from clay while stones are often quarried or conscientiously harvested. Many of these floors can recycled and have a extensive lifespan. 

Air Quality

Unlike carpets or laminates Tile & Stone don’t off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds. Tiles & Stone can help maintain better Air Quality and be less of an irritant for conditions such as Asthma. 

Unique and Luxurious

With Tile & Stone you are only limited by your imagination.  You can create unique patterns, and stunning works of art.  From the smallest accent piece to a full room of marble Tile & Stone can be used on floors and walls to create luxurious effects. 

Heating and Cooling

Tile & Stone can help maintain cooler temperatures in hot seasons reducing your AC bills.  They can help distribute heat behind cooking areas.  The use of radiant floor technology with Tile & Stone can be a welcome addition to bathroom remodel warming a room and creating a luxurious effect.

About Tile & Stone

Tile & Stone flooring comes in as many colors, shapes and styles as can be imagined.  Tiles & Stone flooring has stood the test of time from ancient roman mosaics to bathhouses.   There are many substances and styles to consider that all have their pros and cons.  Ask our knowledgeable staff about which type might be best for your project.

Types of Tiles & Stone Flooring

Tile & Stone can be used on floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and hallways to give you long lasting elegance.

  • Ceramic: a durable solution with glazed or un-glazed finish options in a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors
  • Porcelain: known for it’s ability to emulate natural stone, brick or wood create a classic impression
  • Glass: a stain resistance glass often used for accent work to create ambiance and luxury
  • Cement: with amazing patterns and colors that can be sanded and resealed as needed over time
  • Marble: adds at touch of natural elegance, texture and depth to a room can be used on walls or floors
  • Mosaic: ads creative flexibility and design with different styles, colors, size and materials
  • Granite: with it’s natural flecks, color and texture can be an affordable alternative to marble
  • Limestone: creates a natural appearance reminiscent of ancient architecture and design with a modern twist
  • Travertine: has a soft palette of natural tones best for lower traffic areas with low water exposure
  • Quarry: a composite of ground minerals and baked to set is naturally dense, nonporous and water resistant.
  • Metal: used from back-splashes to counter tops and stands out with style and effect
  • Resin: allows flexibility of pattern and do well in wet areas like bathrooms and back-splash

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Care and Maintenance of Tile & Stone

When in doubt contact Elliott Flooring.

  • Vacuum and Dust tile regularily so that dust and dirt do not get embedded into the grout. 
  • Mop flooring with warm water about once a week. Contact Elliott Flooring to find out what is the best cleaning solution for your flooring type. 
  • Wipe spills immediately to avoid stains. 
  • Use doormats to limit the spread of dirt from entering during inclement weather.
  • Use fatigue mats in kitchens or areas.
  • Give your flooring a deep cleaning monthly. Contact Elliott Flooring to get the proper deep cleaning solutions.
  • Watch the grout for signs of stains or issues.  

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