Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

This luxury flooring can look and feel like stone, tile, or wood flooring.  Its printed layer can emulate any surface and texture including grout lines. The array of finishes available can satisfy any taste or style.


Luxury Vinyl designers are obsessed with styling innovations like Embossed In Register technology for grain patterns you can feel, enhanced beveled edges for a more realistic appearance, and integrated grout lines in perfectly coordinating shades.


Shaw COREtec Luxury Vinyl is lined with cork packing to make a quieter and warmer flooring experience on a strong, durable and solid finish with ultra-scratch protection.


Luxury Vinyl can mimic almost any pattern or texture with realistic wood to modern finishes in various size planks up to 86″ long.


Luxury Vinyl flooring is a good alternative for high traffic areas.  It is also great for high moisture areas like spots where pets eat or entrance ways.

Floor Visualizer

Visualize Shaw COREtec flooring in your room with the COREtec Floor Visualizer.  Find the link here to see how your floors will look with Luxury Vinyls wide range of options.

Shaw COREtec Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Flooring Layers

1) Proprietary UV Acrylic Coating with Advanced Scratch Resistance

Durable: Protects against stains, scuffs, and scratches

2) Wear Layer

Maintenance Free: Protects against excessive wear and stains. Never needs sanding, sealing, or refinishing. 

3) Luxury Vinyl Design Layer

Looks: Widest selection of designs mimicking any finish.

Textures: Detailed embossing and beveling

4) Core Structure 

100% Waterproof: Won’t warp or buckle.

Easy To Install: The angle tap system can be installed easily over existing floors.

Comfortable: Thicker WPC core is softer underfoot.

5) Attached Cork Underlayment

Quite and warm: Natural cork underlayment blocks out chills and noise

Helpful Tools

How much flooring do you need?

Calculate how much flooring you need here with the COREtec Product Calculator.

Which style will look best in your space?

Try on different Luxury Vinyl styles with the Room Visualizer.


CORETec Luxury Vinyl Transitions and Trims 

CORETec Luxury Vinyl has a wide range of transitions and trims to make every style of flooring have a clean and professional finish.  Don’t worry about off color transitions and limited option. COREtec Luxury Vinyl was designed with exceptional attention to detail in mind. 

Learn the difference between Laminate and  COREtec Luxury Vinyl

Care and Maintenance of Your Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Flooring

Please contact Elliott Flooring if you have questions on the cleaning or maintenance of vinyl flooring.  Make sure you also have read your floor warranty for specific care requirements. 

  • Before moving your furniture back onto the floor after installation sweep the flooring and lightly damp mop. 
  • Immediately clean up spills on Luxury Vinyl flooring.
  • Although Luxury Vinyl flooring is designed at handling moisture you should still not allow liquids to sit on your vinyl flooring. 
  • Use doormats for high traffic entrances,
  • Use ph-neutral floor cleaners – nothing with a floor polish or detergent in it.  The manufacturer recommends Encore Care. 
  • Use a vacuum attachment.
  • Do not use treated dust mops as they may leave a residue.
  • Do not use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces.
  • Avoid using mop and shine products and steam mops.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, or strong ammoniated or chlorinated type cleaners.
  • The single greatest cause of damage to any flooring or floor finish is abrasion from dirt and grit. Wherever possible, use walk-off mats at entrances and doorways. If mats are placed directly on COREtec floors, use mats without latex or rubber backings to avoid possible discoloration.
  • Use non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables. Use appropriate window coverings, as direct sunlight may fade the color of the flooring over time.
  • Never buff or polish your flooring with machines. 
  • For stubborn spots that water or Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring don’t remove, use simple rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with a clean white cloth. Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners since these products can leave a dull residue.
  • Outfit your furniture and large appliances with protective discs or feet.
  • Use a chair pad for rolling caster chairs. 

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