Benefits of Laminate

Laminate Flooring combines the flexibity of simulating the look of wood, stone or other materials with easy installation and durabilty.

Ease of cleaning

With Laminate flooring cleaning is a breeze.  It can be swept or vacuumed with ease.  If there is a stain just damp mop the floor with some light cleaner.


Laminate can be created from recycled product. Many manufacturers are offering environmentally friendly products.


Laminates can take on the appearance of almost any wood grain, style, or finish. Thus, it can match any room or taste.

Ease and Speed of Installation

Laminate flooring can be installed with ease and speed, reducing cost and time to complete the project.

Kid, Pet and Allergy Friendly

Laminate flooring is easier to clean than carpeting as it will not trap pet hair, dirt and allergens.  It also has a protective coating which can minimize damage from pet paws and rough play of children. 

About Laminate Flooring

Today’s Laminate Flooring provides a wide variety of choices.  Any type, grain or layout of wood, stone or tile can be captured, laminated, and split into easily assembled pieces of flooring.  Laminates are categorized by installation method.

Installation Types


This is laminate flooring that is easily clicked together when installed. This type of flooring may come with an under pad attached to the planks or may require an under padding before installation.  If the area may be susceptible to moisture, make sure to look into a separate plastic under-layer as a moisture barrier.

Glued Laminate

This is laminate flooring that requires each plank to be glued together when joined. This creates a very strong flooring, but can be more time consuming and requires a level of skillful installation.

Pre-Glued Laminate

This is laminate flooring with glue already applied to the joints.  This type of flooring may require moisture to activate the glue on the joints.

Surface Types

Laminates have evolved and can emulate many different surfaces and looks.


Smooth Finish laminates have a layer of varnish over them for protection and effect.  This layer can have different glosses including high, medium and low.

Embossed Textured

This type of finish is often used to emulate the undulating rings and imperfections of wood flooring.  It is meant to fool the eye into looking like wood or stone.


Laminate flooring now comes in distressed or scraped finish to create an illusion of antique wood such as barn wood or re-purposed flooring.

Embossed in Registration

This type of embossing is made to match wood grain exactly to create an authentic look. However, it is created in a specific repeating pattern that is too consistent to be real wood.

Durability Rating 

Durability of Laminate – Abrasion Class (AC) Rating

Laminate Flooring has an AC rating which is a guide to the durability of the flooring and is defined in five levels.

AC1 Moderate Residential flooring is to be used with light residential use such as bedrooms.

AC2 General Residential laminate is built for moderate traffic such as dinning rooms or living rooms.

AC3 Heavy Residential or Moderate Commercial laminate is suitable for all kinds of residential use and for light traffic commercial.  This can be used anywhere in a home, office or hotel rooms.

AC4 General Commercial flooring can be used for any type of residential use and for more heavily trafficked commercial spaces such as stores or restaurants.

AC5 Heavy Commercial flooring is the highest rated flooring and is designed to be used in high traffic situations such as department stores or busy lobbies.

Edge Type

Laminate flooring comes in three different options of edge type. 


This Flooring will have a straight beveled edge like a mirror. 


This Flooring will have an indentation on all sides of the board to accent the edges.


This flooring will have no noticeable edges from board to board. The pieces fit together in a fashion that hides the lines between them. 

Board Size and Shape

The size and shape of the laminate boards can vary from a thin strip to a parquet pattern.  This is used to create effects like hardwood patterns and decorative accents.

Floor Board Planks

These are planks with regular floor board thickness created by most brands. They are practical and easy to work with.

Thin Strip Flooring

Thinner strips are used to emulate wood flooring planks as seen in older houses, bowling allies or basketball courts.

Wide Plank Flooring

Wider boards can be used for smoother installation or larger effects of patterns.

Effect Patterns

This can include herringbone, chevron or parquet patterns as seen with fine hardwood floors.

Care and Maintenance of Your Laminate Flooring

Please contact Elliott Flooring directly if you have questions on how to deal with specific cleaning or maintenance issues for your laminate flooring.  Make sure you also have read your laminate floor warranty for specific care requirements. 

General Laminate Flooring Care Requirements

  • Immediately clean up all spills.
  • Do not allow liquids to sit.
  • Use door mats for high traffic entrances.
  • Sweep your floors regularly. 
  • Use a hard floor attachment for your vaccum, to avoid scratches.
  • Use cleaning products made specifically for laminate floors. 
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, strong ammonia or chlorinated type cleaners as all will damage your flooring.  
  • Never buff or polish your flooring with machines as that will damage the laminate coating. 
  • For sticky substances, harden the spot with an ice cube and then lightly rub with a dull plastic scraper. Do not use too much pressure. When in doubt contact the store for instructions. 

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