Pre-Installation Checklist

Make Sure you are Ready for Your Project with this Handy Checklist

Elliott Flooring Installation Crews do a professional job with speed and skill.   If you have any concerns before the project begins or at any time in the process, contact your Elliott Flooring Project Manager.  He/she will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Pre-Installation Considerations

  • Plan for the removal of your old flooring.  Elliott Flooring can perform this task if requested.  If you wish to do it yourself or hire outside contractors, make sure the process does not result in damage to the sub flooring. 
  • Arrange for your space to be clear and free of furnishing and fragile items.  The Elliott Flooring crew can move furniture if it is requested, but any packing of items must be handled by the customer.   If you wish to move the furniture yourself this must be done in preparation for the crew’s arrival.  All fragile items should be removed and placed in a safe space prior to the project’s start.  
  • Consider your sub flooring needs.  Depending on the type of flooring you are having installed you may need to change or improve your sub flooring. Have this discussion with your Elliott Flooring Project Manager prior to the job to ensure all the necessary supplies are on hand and there are no unfortunate surprises. 
  • You should plan in advance for any doors to be shaved or sawed to the correct height for your new flooring.  Your new flooring may measure differently than the old flooring which could constrict the movement of doors and damage your new flooring.  
  • If you are painting, wallpapering or renovating the rooms to be floored or tiled this  should be done prior to the project start date.  This will protect your new flooring from potential damage.
  • If you have a particular preference for the pattern of your new flooring or tile work you should discuss that with your Elliott Flooring Project Manager prior to the job to ensure you get exactly what you want from the final outcome.  
  • You should plan for safe and clear access path for the work crew to follow when entering and exiting your home. This will protect your home and make the job smoother for all.  
  • Baseboards and moldings should be considered before the job. While they can stay where they are, your end product will be better if they are removed and re-hung after the job.  Make sure this is discussed with your Elliott Flooring Project Manager in advance of the job. 
  • Access to electrical power is often needed for installation tools. Make sure their is working electric power in the space to be worked on to ensure the job goes smoothly. 

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