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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you vouch for the people who will be installing the flooring in my home?

We are very proud of our employees and associates.  Everyone who comes into your home is known personally by the Elliott family.  We do not outsource any of our flooring installation projects.  Our installation crews have worked with us for many years.  Your flooring job starts with Elliott Flooring sales teams and ends with Elliott Flooring installation teams. You will deal only with Elliott Flooring and will have our service guarantee.

What sets your sales team apart from a big box store?

Our sales team has years of experience working with customers to help them make the best flooring decisions for their needs.  They know the product lines in and out.  Many members of our sales team have worked for many years as installers and know what it takes to do a professional job.  They are ready to help you make the right decisions on products that will work for you, within your budget and for your needs.

Can your crew install flooring we have purchased at other stores?

No.  In order to provide the top notch service we expect from our installation crews, we only install flooring that we are familiar with and can be backed by our long-standing partnerships with our flooring providers.

Can you provide do-it-yourself instruction for flooring I have purchased from Elliott Flooring?

Yes, we can provide assistance for flooring purchased from our store.  We are, of course, familiar with our products and would be happy to offer instruction and tips for those who wish to install themselves.  We cannot provide such instruction for flooring bought elsewhere.

Can you help to identify the toughest available flooring for lower prices?

Yes, we will work with you to identify the most durable flooring available within your price range.  We will clearly explain the flooring options and prices for the best possible flooring to meet the needs of your project.  We want the flooring you choose to meet all your needs within your budget.

How soon can our new flooring be installed?

Of course, this is somewhat dependent on work load at a specific time, but the average time until installation is between 3-4 weeks.  The timing will depend on how booked out our crews are and how long it takes to get the products you choose order and delivered.

Do we do tile work in bathrooms and kitchens?

We do tile work in all areas of the house.We have experienced installers that are experts with all our tile products (ceramic, porcelain, stone or vinyl).We offer bathroom remodels, kitchen makeovers and fireplace upgrades.Tell us about what you are planning and we will work with you to get the job done right.

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